A new sewing machine

When showing or talking about my work people often say ‘you must have a very elaborate sewing machine…’ and I always reply with the same answer ‘I only need running stitch and the ability to drop the dog feed’. My very first and subsequent early drawings were made on my well loved and reliable Bernina 1090 sewing machine. The dog feed was lowered, embroidery foot attached and the stitched drawings started to emerge but as I became more ambitious, the scale increased and it became clear that I needed more space under the arm of the machine.

Choosing a new sewing machine was exciting but also slightly daunting – it was like a  right arm and it had to fit with my creative requirements and budget. After visiting shops in Bristol exploring different makes and types of machines, I returned to the Bernina brand and found Quilt Direct online. I began having conversations with Katherine who appeared to know everything there was to know about Bernina machines and asked several questions about my work so that she could make sure that I purchased the correct machine.

quilt direct 2

In March 2016 I took delivery of my new machine – the Bernina 720. I now owned an ‘elaborate’ sewing machine but the reasons for the choice were simple – fantastic lighting, accurate digital control of the tension and large bobbins that could hold a lot more thread. Simple requirements but fundamental for my process.

After taking delivery of the new sewing machine, Katherine at Quilt Direct was very happy to provide any other support that was required and continues to be available if any help is required. A very intense and complicated process of working is now an absolute pleasure.

bernina couple on tube2